Thursday, 6 August 2015

Brave New World

Recently, I have been obsessed with watching Zoe's and Louise's vlogs on youtube and thought it must be a fantastic way to meet and find new friends. I am much to anxious and shy at this moment to create a youtube channel where everyone watches me and my life is very much in the limelight of a lot of people's lives.

That is where I thought of the idea of starting a blog. This blog will be my online diary. I would much like to become a photographer in the future and think this could be a great way to get my work noticed.

At this precise moment I cannot tell you what genre this blog will be, whether it be make-up, travel etc. Each post will probably be unique and I can promise that each picture will be taken by myself.

I think one post a week will be acceptable to start with. I would hope that through time more people will see my blog and actually request posts, which would be amazing.

Let this, together, be the start of a new world!



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