Sunday, 17 April 2016

Ideas for the future

I think this is an appropriate time to bring back and properly start my blog. While I was having my dinner yesterday I was fascinated by the sky around me. Below is the picture I took of it to capture the moment:

This got me thinking...

What if I began a photography blog, an online place for me to look back and remember memories I have created. Taking pictures of nature, landscapes and often food is such a passion of mine, which seems silly not to recreate online for myself and any one else who seems to come across it.

As said in my first post, seeing great blogs like Zoella's and asprinkleofglitter makes me believe things like this are possible. So with that, I leave you with a few pictures I have taken.

My next post will be of my holiday to Washington DC last summer, where I brought and took a Canon Camera to get great pictures.



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  1. Great post, can't wait to see your future photographs.

    Anika |