Saturday, 16 July 2016


I know its been a while, I thought that finishing college would mean I had lots of spare time but apparently not. I have managed to fill up most of July with little trips here and there. 

Earlier this week, I went to Devon for 4 days with my parents. It was such lovely weather, I was surprised considering the British summer so far has practically been winter. The sun was so hot in fact that I managed to burn my shoulders! 

Devon is graced with lovely natural beaches and country landscapes, and I made sure that I took my camera with me in order to capture these. Being by the beach is so relaxing, and thankfully it wasn't too busy as the school's had no yet broken up. Morning strolls along the beach was definitely a lovely way to start the day off. 

In 9 days I am flying off to Nice, France. Potentially this is not the best time to be going considering the devastating actions that happened on Thursday night, however I hope to still have a good a time as I can. 

Hopefully my posts will become a bit more regular again I have just been very busy with organising trips and sorting out my last summer before I start University. 

For now, I shall leave you with a selection of photographs which I took in Devon. 


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